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Get gift ideas or treat yourself to something from our El Paso, TX store

When you visit Sun City Kitty in El Paso, TX, you can sip on a coffee or lemonade and hang out with our adoptable cats. You can also stop by our store, where we have plenty of items like kids' toys for sale.

We offer:

  • Toys for children
  • Toys for pets
  • Coloring books
  • Keychains
If you're looking for a gift idea, a cat-themed gift from our shop is a great option for the cat lover in your life. Visit us now to find out about everything we offer.

Find out more about Sun City Kitty

We have a café as well as a cat lounge, where you can meet cats and enjoy friendly, furry company or choose a cat to adopt. We're certified rescue partners for El Paso Animal Services.

When you purchase something from our retail section, like one of our kids' toys for sale, you're supporting our mission to help cats find homes. For gift ideas, speak with the team at our café today.